Avonni Components are slow

This page offers solutions for improving the speed of Avonni Flow Screen Components in Salesforce.

Enable LWC Security

If you're having issues with Avonni Component Builder's speed, first ensure that Lightning Web Component (LWC) Security is enabled on your Salesforce organization (org). For new orgs created in Winter ’23 and beyond, LWC Security is enabled by default.

How to Enable LWC Security: For instructions on enabling LWC Security, you can visit the Salesforce Developer Documentation.

Initial Loading Times

It's normal for Avonni Components to take a bit longer to load when you're using them for the first time, or if your Salesforce Session cache has expired (usually after 48 hours). During these times, your org's cache needs to regenerate, which can cause a delay in the initial loading of the Flow Builder and our components. Don't worry; this slow loading will only happen initially. After the cache is regenerated, you should find that subsequent load times are much quicker.

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