Display a list of contacts related to an account


This tutorial will guide you through creating a screen flow using the Avonni avatar group component to display a list of contacts related to a specific account.

This tutorial will cover:


The result will be a functional screen flow that allows users to view a list of contacts related to a specific account in Salesforce with the help of the avatar group component.


See the suggestion for improvements section to improve this example.

Building our list of contact screen flow

Set up our flow

Create the flow

Type Flow in the setup menu

  • Click on the "New Flow" button to create a new flow

  • Select "Screen Flow"

Create AccountID variable

Now we need to create an account variable to store accountID information. This is needed to display only contacts associated with a specific account.

  • Click on the "New Resource" button

  • Resource Type >ย Variable

  • Enter an API Name: accountID

  • In the Data Type dropdown, select Record

  • Object: Account

  • Check the "Available for input" checkbox

Create the Get Records element

We will create the Get Records collection to retrieve contact records using a filter.

  • Add a "Get Records" element

  • Enter an API Name

  • Select the Contact object

  • Filter Contact Records

    • All Condition Are Met (AND)

    • Field >ย AccountID

    • Equals

    • Our variable ID created in step 1 >ย {!accountID.Id

  • Display "All Records"

  • Click on the "Done" button

Create the Screen Flow


  • Add the Screen element

  • Enter a screen label

  • Hide Header and Footer (optional)

Add the Avatar Group Component

  • Drag the Avatar Group component from the custom list (or type Avatar Group from the search box)

  • Set the following settings:

    • Variant: Circle

    • Size: Large

    • Layout: List

  • Data source >ย Variable

  • Data Mapping

    • Primary Text: Full name

    • Secondary Text: Title

    • Image Source: photo URL

Fields name in the data mapping section might not be the same as yours.

  • Click on the "Done" button to save the component

Add the flow to the Account page

We just finished building our screen flow. We can now save it and add it to an account page to test it.


Unable to see the records

Ensure your Get Records collection has the correct settings.

Unable to choose a source collection

Ensure your Get Records collection has the correct settings, especially the "How many records to store" section.

Suggestion for improvements

Add a Header Component

We can add the Header component on our screen flow above the avatar group component. Add a title and an action to create a new record (New Contact.

Redirect to the contact's page on click

Create an interaction action on avatar click with the following parameters:

  • Type: Navigation

  • Page reference type: Record Page

  • Object API name: Contact

  • RecordID: Item: Name

  • Action name: View

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