Display a date picker with Marked Dates from a Get Records


This tutorial displays a date picker component showing marked dates from a Get Records collection. This feature will help users quickly visualize important dates retrieved from the Get Records collection while interacting with the date picker.

In this example, we will use dates from the Task object as marked dates.


Step 1: Create the Get Records collection

Create a Get Records collection to fetch all Tasks

Step 2: Add the Avonni Action

  • Add the Avonni Action โ€œSObject Collection to Marked Dateโ€

  • Select the previously created source collect and add the field name associated with the date. Here, we are selecting the field โ€œDue Dateโ€.

  • Now, let's create the variable.

    • Expand the Advanced Accordion.

    • Check "Manually Assign variables"

    • From the Output field, create a new resource

    • Select Variable as a resource type

    • Enter an API Name

    • Select "Apex-Defined" as Data Type

    • Check "Allow multiple values (collection)"

    • In the Apex Class field, select "avcmpbuilder_CalendarMarkedDate"

    • Click "Done"

Step 3: create a screen component

  1. Drag the Date Picker component and open the Component Builder

  2. Link the MarkedDate field to the Action โ€œSObjectCollecitonโ€ฆโ€ created in step 2.

And voila !

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