A picker to select a rating using stars, emoji, or numbers.


The Avonni Rating component empowers you to integrate interactive star ratings into your Salesforce flows. Users can quickly provide feedback, rate items, or express preferences, enhancing engagement and data collection capabilities.

Your First Rating in Minutes

  1. Drag and Drop: Locate the "Avonni Rating" component and drag it onto your page or screen.

  2. Label Clearly: Label your rating with a simple, descriptive phrase like "Rate This Product" or "Your Satisfaction Level."

  3. Set Your Values:

    • Quick Start: For a basic 1-to-5 star rating, choose "Manual".

    • From Your Data: To show ratings from Salesforce or use a calculation, pick one of these:

      • Mapped: Directly link to a single Salesforce field or variable.

      • Advanced: Combine multiple fields or variables (like averaging several survey responses). Use the formula builder for more complex calculations.

      • Query: Run a Salesforce query to find the rating (e.g., average rating from all customer reviews for a product). You can even use aggregate functions like AVG or MAX.

  4. You're Done! Users can now click the stars to provide their feedback

Take Your Ratings Further

Now that you've got the basics down, let's explore some ways to customize and enhance your ratings:

Visual Appeal

  • Icon Name: Swap out the default stars for hearts, thumbs-up, or other icons (use the utility:favorite format).

  • Icon Size: Make those icons bigger or smaller to fit your design.

  • Variant: Choose how you want the label and rating arranged on the screen.


  • Field Level Help: Add a tip or instruction next to the rating to guide your users.

  • Selection Type: Users can select any decimal value ("Continuous") or restrict themselves to whole numbers ("Single").

  • On Change Interactions: Trigger exciting interactions when the rating changes! For example, show a "Thank you!" toast message, navigate to a different screen, or set off a celebratory confetti explosion! (Be sure to install the Avonni Components managed package to access these interactions.)

Using the Rating Results

Once users have given their ratings, you can easily use that data within your flow:

  • Store It: Save ratings to a Salesforce record to track customer satisfaction, lead scores, etc.

  • Make Decisions: Use the rating to determine the next steps in your flow—maybe a high rating leads to a thank-you message, while a low rating triggers a follow-up survey.

Example: Customer Feedback Survey with Flair

Imagine you want to know how happy your customers are with a recent purchase. With the Avonni Rating component, you can:

  1. Add it to your flow's confirmation screen.

  2. Label it "Rate your experience."

  3. Set up an "On Change" interaction to show a festive confetti animation when someone gives a 5-star rating.

The Avonni Rating component is your tool for creating interactive, informative, and delightful experiences within your Salesforce flows. Have fun experimenting with it!

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