Open Alert Modal


The Open Alert Modal interaction displays an alert message inside a modal to notify a user about a communication you want to make.

Use the Open Alert Modal for one of these types of information:

  • Neutral or general information. Use this when you are notifying a user of a change.

  • Warning. Use this for critical information that will help a user avoid an issue.

  • Error. Use this for critical information preventing a user from continuing a flow and if there's action required on their end to resolve the issue.


Accessing the Alert Modal action




Text that will be displayed in the header.


Main content message for your alert box.


Appearance of the alert modal. With or without a header.


Specify a color theme for a header. Possible choice: Default, Shade, Inverse, Alt Inverse, Success, Info, Warning, Error, Offline.

On Close

Ability to add a subsequent interaction when the end-user closes the alert modal.

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