Empower users to record and save audio files within Salesforce easily. The Avonni Microphone component seamlessly captures voice notes, interviews, or other audio recordings and automatically attaches them to relevant Salesforce records.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Recording: Simple interface for users to start and stop audio recordings using their microphone.

  • Automatic File Saving: Audio files are saved directly to the associated Salesforce record, ensuring a streamlined workflow.

  • Customizable: Configure the component to match your specific use cases.

The Avonni Microphone component utilizes Lightning Web Security. Ensure this setting is enabled within your Salesforce org for proper functionality,

How to configure the Avonni Microphone

The Avonni Microphone component offers flexible settings to customize how audio recordings are captured and stored within your Salesforce environment.

Core Settings

  • Save as Content Document: Controls whether the audio recording is saved as a Salesforce Content Document. If disabled, recordings won't be saved.

  • Auto Save Content Document: If enabled (along with the "Save as Content Document" option), the recording is automatically saved as a Content Document without requiring additional user input.

  • Document Title: Set a default title for the Content Document that stores the recording. You can use static text or dynamically populate this field using flow variables.

  • Content Document Linked Entity ID: The Salesforce record ID to which the Content Document will be attached. This is essential for associating the recording with relevant cases, opportunities, or other objects.

Enhancement Settings

  • Allow Multiple Recordings: Users can make several recordings in a single session if enabled. Each recording will be saved as a separate Content Document.

  • Show Visualizer: Displays a visual representation of the audio input while recording, providing a user-friendly experience.



Learn to streamline audio recording storage in Salesforce.

Use Case Examples

  • Customer Support: Capture detailed voice notes or customer conversations and attach them to case records.

  • Sales Enablement: Record product demos or sales pitches for training and internal sharing.

  • Field Service: Allow technicians to record on-site observations and link them to work orders.

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