How to create an interaction to a record page


This guide shows you how to easily add "clone," "edit," and "view" buttons to your Salesforce records using Avonni components. You'll learn how to make these buttons work in different ways, like:

  • Direct Buttons: Add them right on the record page for quick access. For example, a salesperson could edit or view an opportunity with one click.

  • List Actions: Place the buttons next to items in a list. This makes it easy to duplicate contacts quickly, for instance.

  • Table Actions: Embed the buttons in rows of data tables. This is perfect for project management, letting users edit project details directly.

In this example, we set up an interaction that takes you directly to a specific account's page.

  1. Create the button: First, make the button you want to use for the link (e.g., a "Edit" button in your data table).

  2. Go to Interactions: Click on the "Interactions" tab.

  3. Set up the Interaction:

    • Target Name: Choose the name of the button you just created.

    • Type: Select "Navigate."

    • Page Reference Type: Choose "Record Page."

    • Object API Name: Select the type of record you want to link to (e.g., "Contact," "Account").

    • Record ID: Choose the field that holds the unique ID of the record.

    • Action Name: Pick the action you want the button to trigger ("clone," "edit," or "view").

When you click the button, it will take you directly to the correct record page in Salesforce.

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