Create events easily by dragging from start time to end time


The Avonni Calendar allows users to create events easily by dragging them on the calendar. This guide will walk you through the basics of this feature.

Step-by-step guide

  • Drag the Avonni Calendar to Your Screen Flow: Add the Avonni Calendar component to your desired Screen Flow in Salesforce.

  • Access Component Settings: Open the Component Builder to view and modify all settings related to the Avonni Calendar.

  • Set Up Interactions:

    • Navigate to the 'Interactions' tab within the Component Builder.

    • Select the "Add a new event drag" option to enable the interaction for event creation through dragging.

  • Configure Interaction Details:

    • Choose the 'Type of Interaction'. For instance, if you want users to create a new event during the drag-to-create action, opt for the 'Navigate' interaction type.

    • Define the 'Page Reference Type', selecting 'Object page'.

    • Specify the target object for new event creation. In this example, choose the 'Events' object.

  • Define Pre-filled Values:

    • Assign pre-filled values to guide the Avonni Calendar in correlating the start and end times of the new event with the corresponding fields in Salesforce.

This guide uses the Event object to demonstrate creating a new event using the Start and End Date Times on the Calendar. You can customize this process by choosing different objects or pre-filled values according to your requirements.

Complete the Setup: You've successfully configured the drag-to-create event feature on the Avonni Calendar with these steps.

You're now ready to streamline event creation in your Salesforce environment!

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