Customizing Right-Click Menu


This guide walks you through the steps to refine your users' experience with the Avonni Calendar by customizing the right-click menu. Learn how to adjust the menu options precisely for your users, ensuring that the most practical and essential features are readily available at a simple right-click.

Guided Steps

Step 1: Access the Content Menu Actions

Begin by navigating to the Context Menu Actions in the Avonni Calendar component builder. Scroll down until you find the "Context Menu Actions" section and click to expand it. This is where you'll start setting up actions for the empty event sections of your calendar.

Step 2: Define Actions for Empty Calendar Spots

In this step, you'll configure what happens when users right-click on an empty spot in the calendar. You'll specify details like the action's label, name, and, optionally, an icon. Click on the 'Add Empty Spot' button to establish and define this empty spot action.

Step 3: Establish the Action's Functionality

Previously, we outlined the parameters of the empty spot action. Now, it's time to make it operational.

This step involves setting up the interaction when end-users click on the empty spot action. You'll need to define the action's response and program what should happen next. Use the Interactions tab to craft this experience.

For instance, in the example below, we establish an interaction where clicking the empty spot action prompts a new modal box, allowing the creation of a new data entry for the custom object 'Campaign Event.'

This process can be mirrored to enable end-users to add new data entries for different objects or to trigger other flows via a modal. Click here for a comprehensive guide on the various interaction types available and their intended functionalities.

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