The Download Interaction feature enhances the functionality of the Avonni Data Components by allowing users to download a file associated with each record displayed directly. This creates a seamless user experience within your Salesforce flows, eliminating the need for users to navigate to separate file libraries or record pages.

How it Works

  1. Configure Your Data Table: Set up your Avonni Data Table in your Salesforce flow to display the relevant records and their associated content documents (files). Make sure you have a column in your table that stores the ContentDocument ID or URL of the file you want to make available for download for each record.

  2. Add the Download Interaction: In the Data Table's configuration, select the "Download" interaction for the column containing the file links or ContentDocument IDs.

  3. Specify Settings:

    • URL: Dynamically reference the URL field containing the download link for each content document.

    • Content Document ID: If applicable, specify the ID of the ContentDocument object you want to make downloadable. Note that the URL takes precedence over the content document ID.

  4. User Experience: When interacting with the designated column in your data table, users will see a download icon or link. Clicking on it will initiate the download of the associated file for that specific record.

Example Use Case

You have a Case object in Salesforce with an associated file, such as an incident report. Using the Avonni Data Table and the Download interaction, you can create a list of cases in your flow and display a "Download" button next to each case record. When a user clicks the button, the corresponding incident report for that case will download directly to their device.

Key Benefits

  • Streamlined Workflow: Users can access files directly from your flow without additional navigation steps.

  • Improved User Experience: Offer a convenient and intuitive way for users to access files directly from your Salesforce flow.

  • Enhanced Data Accessibility: Make relevant documents readily available to users within the context of your business process.

Important Considerations

  • File Access: Ensure that users have the necessary permissions to view and download the files you are making available.

  • URL Format: If you're using the URL option, make sure the URL is valid and accessible to the user.

By leveraging the Download interaction, you can empower your users to easily access and utilize the files they need directly from your Avonni Data Components.

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