Configuring Time spans


Avonni Calendar's enhanced Time Span settings enable detailed customization, allowing you to adjust views from a single day to multiple weeks. View 2-4 consecutive days, weeks, or a custom number of weeks in the 'Month' view, optimizing project tracking and event planning. :

Finding Time Span Settings

Understanding Time Span Options

Tailor each Time Span you create with these settings:

  • Label: Give your view a descriptive name for easy reference.

  • Icon Name: Select an icon for quick visual identification.

  • Unit: Choose whether this view will focus on 'days', 'weeks', or 'months'.

  • Span: Determine the number of units to display (e.g., a 'Week' unit with a span of 2 will show a two-week view).

  • Timeline Headers (Timeline View Only for the Selected Display): Control how dates are displayed at the top of your Timeline view.

Specific Use Cases

Avonni Calendar's Time Span settings offer unparalleled flexibility when visualizing your Salesforce data. Whether focused on closing deals, managing renewals, or tracking campaign performance, Time Spans helps you create tailored views that boost productivity and inform decision-making.

See it in action: The examples below demonstrate configuring Time Spans for common Salesforce use cases. Adapt these settings to gain valuable insights from your data and streamline your processes.

Sales Rep

Closing Week: Unit: Week, Span: 1 (Focus on closing deals within the current week)

Pipeline Review: Unit: Month, Span: 1 (Track opportunities progressing through the sales funnel)

Sales Manager

Team Forecast: Unit: Month, Span: 3, Timeline Headers: Week and Month

  • View Description: See your team's sales performance across three months, with each month broken down into weekly segments for granular tracking

Coaching Calendar: Unit: Day, Span: 2 (Schedule 1-on-1s and team meetings over two days)

Customer Success Manager

Renewal Timeline: Unit: Month, Span: 2, Timeline Headers: Week and Month

  • View Description: See upcoming renewals across two months, broken down into weekly segments to plan outreach strategies easily.

Onboarding Schedule: Display: Calendar, Time Span: Week, Span: 2

  • View Description: Visualize a two-week onboarding timeline in a calendar format, ensuring a smooth start for new clients.

Sales Operations

Campaign Performance: Unit: Week, Span: 3

  • View Description: Track the effectiveness of your campaign over the next three weeks with a weekly calendar view. Monitor key metrics and lead generation for informed adjustments and optimizations.


Timeline Headers (specific to the 'Timeline' view): Customize the header details for your timeline. This is especially useful in the 'Timeline' view. For instance, to show week numbers, set your calendar to 'Timeline', choose 'Week' as your time span, and then configure the timeline headers to display 'Week' and 'Month'.

Key Takeaway

Think about the Salesforce data you interact with most. Time Spans can help you visualize that data in ways that optimize your flow.

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