Salesforce Flow Limit


Interview: An interview is a running instance of a flow.


What are SOQL and DML?

SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) and DML (Data Manipulation Language) are two languages that handle different operations inside a flow.

SOQL: It is a specific type of computer language that we can use to communicate with the system to retrieve a specific set of data. It is like saying β€œgive me all accounts that John owned” but using the language the system understands. Each request is called a query.

DML: Like SOQL, It is a specific type of computer language to modify a particular data set, like saying β€œchange all John account rating into Hot”. Each request is called a statement.

Flow limitations

Total number of SOQL queries issued: 100

You can ask the system to retrieve specific data sets 100 times in one transaction.

Total number of records retrieved using 'Get Records' element:

Limit 50,000.

No records limit when using the Query Data Source.

Total number of DML statements issued:

Limit 150

Total number of records processed as a result of DML statements:

Limit 10,000

Maximum CPU time on the Salesforce servers:

Limit 10,000 milliseconds

CPU time is the time the servers use to process your flow solution.

Total number of duplicate updates allowed in one batch:

Limit 12

Duplicate update means you update the β€œsame record” in one batch and can only do that less than 12 times per record.


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