Creating an action from a button or a link


In the Avonni Data Table, it's possible to set a column data type as a button, where the data is displayed as a clickable button. This type of column allows users to trigger actions by clicking on the button, such as opening a related page or performing an action on the associated data. The button column data type provides a clear and intuitive way for users to interact with the data and perform these actions.

How do I add a button?

  • Add a new column

  • Select Button as type

  • Enter the button information like the label and name

  • The label name can be set as the value of a field (by selecting a field name)

  • Entering a name value is essential to set up an action on that button.

  • Set the variant to base if you want to mimic a link

Create the interaction

Once your button is created, create an interaction by going to the interaction tab.

The Avonni Flow Screen Components Library provides a range of interaction actions to enhance your projects' functionality and user experience.

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