Enabling auto-refresh for queries after the Flow Dialog ends


This tutorial teaches you to refresh queries once a flow dialog completes automatically. This feature updates data sources immediately after a flow execution, improving data accuracy and user experience.

This tutorial is designed to work specifically with Avonni Components with integrated Query Data Source.

Interactive Step by Step guide

Step 1: Integrate Query Data Source

  • Click the "Open Component Builder" to access all the component settings.

  • Start by incorporating the Query Data source in the Avonni Components into your Salesforce Flow.

To finish this tutorial, ensure you use the Query Data Source with your component.

Step 2: Configure Your Query

Customize your query parameters to suit the data you wish to retrieve and manipulate.

Step 3: Initiate Action Creation

Create an action button or a row action. This will be the user's entry point for triggering the flow.

Step 4: Access the Interaction Panel

Navigate to the interaction panel to set up the flow's interactive elements.

Step 5: Create an Interaction

Proceed to create a new interaction that will act upon the action button or menu you've just made.

Step 6: Define the Interaction Target

Assign the previously designed (in step 3) action button or menu as the target for this interaction.

Step 7: Choose Interaction Type

For the interaction type, opt for "Open Flow Dialog," which prompts a new flow to open upon activation.

Step 8: Select the Desired Flow

Identify and select the particular flow that this interaction should launch.

Step 9: Assign Input Variables

If necessary, relay any required input variables to the flow that is being opened.

Step 10: Configure 'On Finish' Interaction

After setting up the main flow, click the "On Finish" button to define what happens once the flow concludes.

Step 11: Set 'On Finish' Interaction Type

For the 'On finish' interaction, select "Refresh Query." This ensures that your query automatically updates when the flow dialog ends.

Conclusion: With these steps completed, your Salesforce Flow is now equipped to refresh queries automatically, streamlining your processes with Avonni Components. This function is pivotal for maintaining current information flow throughout your Salesforce environment.

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