Drag and drop to reschedule events


The Avonni Calendar allows users to reschedule existing events visually on the calendar. This eliminates the need to edit the start manually and end timesβ€”simply drag and drop the event to its new position!

Here's how to configure this feature:

  1. Access Calendar Settings: Access the Avonni Calendar settings by accessing the Component Builder.

  2. Interactions Tab: Locate the "Interactions" tab within the settings panel.

  3. On Existing Event Drag: Find the option labeled "On Existing Event Drag." This setting controls what happens when a user drags an existing event on the calendar.

  4. Choose the Update Records interaction: When you drag and drop it on the calendar, it instantly saves changes to an event's date or time.

Once you've enabled this setting, users will be able to:

  • Click and hold on to an existing event on the calendar.

  • Drag the event to a new date or time slot on the calendar.

  • The event will automatically update to reflect the new date and time.

Benefits of Drag-and-Drop Rescheduling:

  • Intuitive: Drag and drop offers a user-friendly way to reschedule events, minimizing the need for manual adjustments.

  • Efficiency: Saves users time by eliminating the need to navigate to separate edit screens.

  • Visual Clarity: Provides a clear visual representation of the rescheduled event's new timing.

This functionality empowers users to manage their calendars with greater ease and flexibility.

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