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This page walks you through building an activity timeline that shows a list of tasks based on a GetRecords collection. The users can see the list of tasks grouped by weeks, months or years. Optionally, it's possible to create actions for each task.


The final result looks like this:


The steps to build an activity timeline that displays a list of tasks are as follows:

Values in the examples are for illustration purposes. Values might differ depending on your Data Source and source collection.

1. Create the Get Records collection

The very first step starts with creating our Get Records collection to ask Flow Builder to fetch all the Task records by following the below steps:

  • Add a Get Records element to fetch all tasks data

  • Enter a collection Label

  • Add the Task Object

  • Select "None - Get all Task Records" in the condition requirements field

  • Select "All Records" regarding the number of records to display

  • Click "Done"

2. Add the Activity Timeline component

  • Add a screen element

  • Drag the Activity Timeline component from the components list to our screen flow (located under the custom section)

  • Enter an API Name. For example, ActivityTimeline.

3. Configure the Activity Timeline data source

  • Click on the Open Component Builder button to access all the settings for the Activity Timeline component

  • Enter a title for the component (e.g: Tasks)

  • Under the Data Source section, select Variable to assign our previously created Get Records collection

  • Under Source Collection, click on the GetTask collection we created in step 1

  • Under the Data Mapping section, let's do our fields mapping

    • Title => Task.Subject

    • Description => Task.Description

    • Name => Task.Id (Activity ID)

    • Icon Name => standard:task (switch to Manual to select an icon manually)

    • Date => Task.DueDate

  • Go on the Group By attribute to group tasks by months.

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