Passing multiple record IDs to another flow

Use Case

Using the Avonni Data Table and the Open Flow Dialog interaction, we can select multiple record IDs from a data table and pass them as input variables to another flow.


1️⃣ Create an action on the Avonni Data Table

In your Data Table, actions can be incorporated to facilitate diverse interactions and triggers. Actions can be added from:

  • as Row Actions for actions specific to each record;

  • or through a Button or Button Icon column for customized clickable elements.

After completing these steps, your Avonni Data Table will include a customized action.

2️⃣ Create the interaction that will be triggered by clicking on the action button

Now that the action is created, we must define an interaction to make this button functional for the end-users.

  • Navigate to the Interaction Tab: In the Component Builder for the Avonni Data Table Component, locate and click the "Interaction" tab to open it.

  • Add a Header Action: Find and click on the "Add Header action" button within the Interaction tab. This will initiate the creation of a new interaction.

  • Select Target Name: In the newly opened form, locate the "Target name" field. Click on this field and select the name of the action button that you created in the previous steps.

  • Select Interaction Type: Next, locate the "Type" field. Click on this field, and select "Open Flow Dialog" from the dropdown list. This selection sets the interaction to open a new flow dialog when the action button is pressed.

  • Select Flow API Name: Find the "Flow API Name" field and click on it. Select the API name of the flow from the dropdown list that you want triggered upon pressing the action.

  • Add Input Variable: Locate the "Input Variable" section and click the "Add Item" button. This will allow you to define an input variable that can be passed to the triggered flow.

  • Name Your Input Variable: In the newly opened form for the input variable, locate the name field and enter a unique name for your input variable.

  • Set Value Field: Find the "Value" field and click on it. Select "Selected Record Ids" from the dropdown list to pass the selected record IDs from the data table to the flow.

  • Select Variable Type: Locate the "Type" field and click on it. From the dropdown list, select "Text" to indicate that the passed IDs will be in text format.

  • Allow Multiple Values: Look for "Allow multiple values (collection)" option and toggle it on. This lets the input variable hold and pass multiple record IDs simultaneously.

  • Save Your Changes: Once your interaction is configured, click the "Done" button to save it. Your action button is now set up to open a specified flow dialog and pass the selected record IDs to it when pressed.

You should ensure the flow you're triggering is designed to accept and correctly process the passed record IDs by creating a text variable with the same input variable name.

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