Open Flow Dialog


The "Open Flow Dialog" interaction lets users launch Salesforce flows directly from within a screen flow. An administrator can configure this interaction to streamline processes, guide users through complex tasks, or provide quick access to specific functionality.

Key Features:

  • Triggers Pre-Defined Flows: The interaction launches a flow previously built within the Salesforce environment.

  • Enhances User Experience: Reduces navigation and simplifies actions for end-users within screen flows.



Learn how to connect your Salesforce flows and pass data between them. This technique streamlines complex processes and allows for greater flexibility.

Automatically update data after completing a flow dialog – save time and ensure users see the latest information.


The "Open Flow Dialog" offers several configuration options to help you create the best possible user experience.


Flow API Name

Select the existing flow to launch when your users trigger the action.

Input Variable

Set any input variable on your launched flow.

Input Variable / Name

Name of the input variable

Input Variable / Value

Value of the input variable

Input Variable / Type

Here's the input variable type supported:

Allow multiple values (collection)

Expand the capabilities of your input variables. A single variable can hold a whole data collection when this setting is turned on. This is useful when:

  • Fetching multiple records from Salesforce

  • Performing actions on a group of items

Modal Header

To add a Header title on the modal box that will display the launched flow.

Accessible Description

This text acts as an additional layer of information, making the flow more understandable and navigable for users who rely on screen readers or other assistive technologies.


Set a size of the modal box (Small, Medium, Large)

On Finish

Let users continue after the dialog flow is finished. Give them options to take further actions, such as:

  • "Refresh Query": Automatically update data in the original flow for the latest information.

  • "Fire Confetti": Add a fun celebration when the dialog flow completes.

On Close

Allow users to add another interaction after they close the interaction started by the flow dialog.

On Error

Allow users to add another interaction if they encounter an error with the interaction initiated by the flow dialog.

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