How to Open Flows from Buttons


This tutorial will help you master the art of linking flows in Salesforce. We'll guide you through setting up a button that, when clicked, directs users to another flow. Discover how to configure and customize this button for seamless flow navigation. Get ready to enhance your app's interactivity.



Drag a button to your existing screen flow

  • Drag the Avonni Button component into your screen flow

  • Click on the "Open Component Builder" button to access all settings

Configure general settings for your button

  • Add a label

  • Select a variant

  • Add an icon if needed

Create the interaction

  • Click on the Interaction tab

  • Click on the "Add Click" button to create an interaction

  • Choose a type > Open Flow Dialog

  • Select the flow you'd like to trigger when users press the button.

  • Optional - add input variables or modal header if needed.

Dive Deeper

Enabling auto-refresh for queries after the Flow Dialog ends

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