Tips and Tricks

Welcome to our Tips & Tricks for the Avonni Data Table.

Here you'll find everything you need to unlock its full potential. Get ready to transform how you work with data in Salesforce.


Set up button-type columns in Avonni Data Tables to let users perform actions with a single click.

Learn to tailor Avonni Data Table columns using flow variables for dynamic, criteria-based presentation.

Customize badge colors in Avonni Data Table based on opportunity StageName for improved data visualization.

Disable Header Actions in Avonni Data Table without selected records using Salesforce's Reactive Components.

Learn to auto-refresh Data Table by button press in this tutorial.

Learn to utilize text formulas in Avonni Datatable columns for calculations and data transformations.

Learn to enable real-time inline editing in Avonni Data Tables for efficient user data interaction.

Guide on passing multiple record IDs from Avonni Data Table to another flow using Open Flow Dialog.

Customize Salesforce Screen Flows with the Avonni Data Table! Learn to add buttons, images, progress bars, and more.

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