Displaying a Record as a QR Code


This guide teaches you how to display a field value as a QR Code in your Avonni Data Table.


The final result will look like this:


1. Create a Get Records collection

First, let's create a "Get Records" collection to retrieve a set of records from the account object.

  • Add an element >ย Get Records

  • Label Name > "GetAccounts"

  • Object Name >ย Account

  • Filter Account Records

    • Condition requirements: None - Get All Account Records

    • Select "All Records"

    • Click on the "Done" button

Adjust your filtering settings to match your use case.

2. Add a screen element

3. Add the Avonni Data table component

  • Drag the Avonni Data Table component

  • Open the Component Builder

  • Select a Variable Data Source

  • Add the source collection created in Step 1

4. Configure Data Mappings

  • Create your columns (for example, Account Name, Account Description, and Website)

  • For the Website Column, choose QR code as a Data Type

  • Set a QR Code size if needed

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