Data Table Editor


The Avonni Data Table Editor simplifies the customization of the Avonni Datatable. With this tool, you cannot use just the Property panel for modifications. Instead, you can directly edit the datatable, offering a more user-friendly and efficient way to tailor it according to your needs, providing enhanced control and flexibility.

Drag and drop fields.

Fields can be dragged and dropped into the Datatable canvas to create columns for your datatable.

The field panel automatically appears when you add a get records collection (a variable) or use the Query data source. This panel is integrated into the data table, allowing you to build your query directly.

Adjusting column settings

Column settings can be accessible by clicking the arrow icon next to your column header.

Customizable column settings:

  • Hide Label: to hide the column label.

  • Select Icon: to add an icon next to the label.

  • Allow Cell edit: column data will be editable.

  • Disallow Sort: column data will not be sortable.

  • Allow Search: column data will be searchable.

  • Wrap Text: column data will be wrapped.

  • Hide Default Actions

  • Remove Column

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