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How to use the Biometrics component

The Avonni Biometrics component provides a secure way to integrate device-level biometric authentication into your Salesforce Screen Flows on the Salesforce mobile app.

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Tutorial Overview

This tutorial guides you through setting up the Avonni Biometrics component to add an extra layer of security to your flows. You'll learn to use the component to require fingerprint or facial recognition before users can proceed to the next screen. This simple validation step can be easily incorporated into your existing flows, enhancing security and improving the user experience.

Guided Steps

Step 1: Add a screen element and add the Avonni Biometrics component inside

Step 2: configure the Avonni Biometrics component.

In this step, we'll design the button users click to initiate the biometric authentication process. Customize the button's appearance (text, color, etc.) to match your flow's overall design seamlessly and provide your users a clear call to action.

Here are the key settings you can adjust:

  • Label: Enter the text that will appear on the button (e.g., "Verify Identity," "Login with Biometrics").

  • Variant: Choose a visual style for the button (e.g., brand, neutral, destructive).

  • Icon: Select an icon to add a visual cue to the button.

Remember, the goal is to make the button visually appealing and easy for users to understand its purpose.

Step 3: define the interaction

Now that you've designed the button, tell the Biometrics component what to do after successful authentication. This is where interactions come in.

Think of the interaction as the "next step" after verifying the user. In our example, we'll use the "Flow Navigation" interaction to move the user to the next screen. This is where you might display confidential data or continue the flow's process.

You can customize the interaction to fit your specific needs. For instance, you could display a success message, trigger another flow, or perform other actions. The choice is yours.

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