Displaying Record Name field as a link


Make Record Name fields clickable and display Parent Record names as links in the Avonni Data Table component. Using the 'Linkify' toggle, you can easily turn these fields into interactive elements, eliminating the need for extra formula fields or workarounds.

Specific fields (like the name field) can be displayed as a link. A toggle Linkify will appear below the Type Attributes section.

Linkify is only displayed for the Record Name of the object.

The Avonni Data Table component natively supports the display of parent record names, eliminating the need for additional formula fields or other workarounds.

  • Drag the Parent record field in the Data Table

  • Select "Lookup" as Type

  • Check "Linkify" to display the parent records as a link

Lookup fields are not editable on the Avonni Data Table.

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