Adding Filters

This tutorial guides you through the straightforward process of adding field filters to your Avonni Data Table. Enabling filters gives end-users the power to sort and find the data they need quickly. This guide has you covered, starting with component setup and data source selection, dragging fields into the Datatable, and finally activating filters.

Perfect your Datatable functionality and improve user interaction in just a few easy steps!

1. Configure the Avonni Datatable component

  • Select the Datatable component

  • Open the Component Builder to access advanced settings

2. Select a source collection a data source

  • On the Data Source section, select Variable

  • Select the source collection you want to add fields to your Data Table.

3. Drag fields on your Data Table

  • From the left panel, drag fields on your Data Table.

4. Activate filters on selected fields

  • Click on the arrow next to the field name to allow this field to be filterable.

5. Save and test the Data Table

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