NFC Scanner


The Avonni NFC Tag Scanner is a Salesforce mobile component that enables bi-directional communication with NFC tags within your custom flows. This allows your app to read data from, or write data to, NFC tags embedded in physical objects or environments.

Key Features & Configuration

  1. Type (Dropdown):

    • Read: Retrieve data stored on an NFC tag.

    • Write: Encode data onto an NFC tag.

  2. Open On Load (Toggle):

    • Enable this option to activate the NFC scanner automatically when your screen flow loads.

    • Ideal for flows centered around NFC tag interaction.

  3. Instruction Text (Text Area):

    • Provide clear guidance to the user on what to do.

    • Example: "Hold your phone near the NFC tag to read its contents."

  4. Success Text (Text Area):

    • Display a message to confirm a successful scan.

    • Example: "NFC tag read successfully!"

  5. Success Interactions (Configurable):

    • Define actions to occur upon a successful scan:

      • Save the extracted text to a specific Salesforce object or field.

      • Trigger an interaction from the interactions available.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Drag and Drop: Add the Avonni NFC Tag Scanner component to your mobile screen flow.

  2. Configure Settings: Choose the type of operation (Read or Write) and customize the instruction and success text.

  3. Design Flow Logic:

    • Read Mode: Use the extracted data to populate fields, display information, or trigger actions within your flow.

    • Write Mode: Prepare the data you want to write to the tag and handle the successful write event.

Example Use Case: Retail Product Interaction

Envision a retail environment where NFC tags are affixed to products:

  1. NFC Tags on Products: Each tag holds information about the product – descriptions, reviews, pricing, etc.

  2. Customer Interaction: Customers tap their phones to the tags.

  3. Seamless Experience: The Salesforce app instantly displays the relevant product details, enriching the shopping experience.


  • Ensure that your mobile device and Salesforce app have NFC capabilities enabled.

  • For write operations, be mindful of the data format and size supported by the NFC tag.

  • The Avonni NFC Tag Scanner prioritizes security and privacy in handling NFC interactions

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