Vertical Visual Picker

Easily select from vertical options for clear, engaging decision-making.


The Vertical Visual Picker component enables users to select through an organized, vertical options display. This component enhances user experience by offering a clear, streamlined, engaging way to present choices. Ideal for various contexts, the Vertical Visual Picker simplifies decision-making.

Configuring the Vertical Visual Picker

The initial step in setting up the Vertical Visual Picker is determining how you want to retrieve and display your data.

Data Source

The "Data Source Configuration" step in setting up the Visual Picker is where you tell the Visual Picker where to get its information from within Salesforce.

Data Source TypeUse CaseWhen to Use

For a predefined set of items that don’t require dynamic updates.

Ideal for static content or rapid setup with specific items.

Dynamically displaying items based on variable collections in Salesforce.

Suitable when list content reflects changing data from Salesforce records.

Displaying a list of options defined in a Salesforce picklist.

Best for presenting a list of predefined options for selection.

Fetching data based on a specific query, pulling various records or data points.

Ideal for complex data retrieval or when sourcing. Using a 'Get Records' collection is not necessary with this method, as the query itself is powerful enough to simplify your flow

Data Mappings

When using a dynamic data source for your Vertical Visual Picker, you must configure the Data Mappings section to tell the component how to create picker items from your data.

Think of it like a translator: Data Mappings ensure the correct information from your Salesforce data.

Why are Data Mappings Important?

Without data mapping, the Vertical Visual Picker wouldn't know which part of your data to use. This could result in the Vertical Visual Picker showing incorrect or irrelevant information.

How Do Data Mappings Work?

In the Data Mappings section, you'll establish the connection between your Salesforce data fields and the corresponding List attributes. By selecting which field maps to which attribute (for example, the "Account Name" field to the "Title" attribute), you ensure each item accurately displays the correct information from your Salesforce data.

Changing the Properties

Selecting a type

The type attribute allows you to define how the input selection should behave. To enable users to select multiple options, use buttons checkboxes instead of radio buttons.

Selection Range Customization

The Vertical Visual Picker components now include a 'Selection Range Customization' feature, enhancing your control over item selection. This feature allows you to define minimum and maximum selection limits, particularly useful when utilizing the Checkbox Type.

By setting these parameters, you can precisely manage the number of options a user can select, ensuring adherence to your specified range and enhancing the accuracy of data collection or user input.

Setting a Size

You can access four different ratio values to decide the width of your vertical visual picker items. Visual picker items come in four sizes - small, medium, large and responsive (default as it takes all the width).

Width value can be customized from the Style Panel under the size section.

Choosing a Variant

The Variant attribute lets you decide the appearance of an item when selected.

The coverable variant covers the whole item, whereas non coverable only check the upper top right corner of the item.

Variant TypeImage


The coverable variant type refers to the appearance of an item when it is selected. When used, it covers the whole item.

Non Coverable

The non-coverable variant only checks the upper top right corner of the item when selected.

Adding Sub-items

You can find more information about adding sub-items in the tips and tricks section.

Adding Interactions

Interactions define what will happen when users interact with the Vertical visual picker component. You can find a list of interactions available here.

Here are the available interactions for the Vertical visual picker component:

  • On Change: The event fired when the slider value changed.


From the Styles panel, you can customize styling attributes for the vertical visual picker:

  • Header: to customize the styling settings of the label.

  • Title: to customize the styling settings of the title text.

  • Description: to customize the styling settings of the description text.

  • Background: to customize the styling settings of the item's background.

  • Border: to customize the styling settings of the item's border.

You can find the instructions for styling here.

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