The Avonni Components Library is a collection of ready-to-use building blocks designed to enhance Salesforce Screen Flows and Experience Cloud Sites. These components use the same technology as Salesforce, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility.

Key Advantages

  • Native to Salesforce: Built on the Salesforce platform, ensuring smooth integration and a consistent user experience.

  • Secure: It adheres to Salesforce's strict security standards, including Field-Level Security (FLS) and CRUD permissions for objects. Additionally, it supports data sharing through role hierarchy, sharing rules, and Apex sharing.

  • Approved by Salesforce: The package has undergone a rigorous security review and is listed on the AppExchange, subject to annual security checks.

Data Access & Security

Avonni Labs Inc. does not have access to your Salesforce data. Customers can temporarily grant support access using the Salesforce Grant Access feature if needed. The Avonni Components package is designed to run entirely within your Salesforce instance, meaning your data remains secure within your environment.

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