The Avonni Components Library is a comprehensive collection of user interface components designed explicitly for Salesforce's Flow Screens. These components are 100% native to Salesforce, meaning they are built using the Salesforce platform's programming languages and framework and, thus, are fully compatible with the platform.

Additionally, the Avonni Flow Screen Components Library package has undergone Salesforce's security review, ensuring they meet the platform's standards for quality and functionality, making them a reliable choice for businesses looking to enhance their Salesforce Flow Screens.

Data Access

Avonni Labs Inc doesn't have access to the customerโ€™s Salesforce instance. Customers can grant access to support for a limited period using the Salesforce Grand Access features. (

The Avonni Flow Screen Components package is specifically designed to be installed and run on the customer's Salesforce instances, making it a native solution that does not require any third-party services to operate. This ensures seamless integration with the customer's existing Salesforce environment.


In addition to being native to Salesforce, the Avonni Flow Screen Components package also adheres to Salesforce's strict security standards. This includes Field Level Security (FLS), which controls access to fields on an object level, and CRUD (Create/Read/Update/Delete) permissions for objects, which ensures that users can only access the data they are authorized to access. Our package also supports data sharing based on role hierarchy, sharing rules, and Apex sharing, ensuring that data is shared only with the appropriate users.

As a listed package on the AppExchange, Avonni Flow Screen Components undergoes an annual security review. This ensures that the package is regularly evaluated for security vulnerabilities and that any potential issues are addressed promptly, providing customers with peace of mind and a secure solution.

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