How to pass an Input Variable from One Flow to Another


In this step-by-step tutorial, we'll show you how to pass an input variable from one flow to another. This involves creating and configuring variables in both flows and ensuring correct interaction with the Avonni Components Open Flow Dialog.

Step 1: Creating a Variable in the First Flow

  1. Navigate to the first flow where you want to create the variable.

  2. Create a new variable element. This variable can be of type text or record.

    • Text Variable: Use this to store and pass textual information or alphanumeric values.

    • Record Variable: Choose this type to hold complete records with object field values.

  3. Configure the variable to be available for output. This step is essential as it makes the variable’s value accessible to other flows or components.

Step 2: Configuring Avonni Components Open Flow Dialog

  1. Open the Avonni Components Open Flow Dialog interaction within your flow.

  2. Click on the "Input Variable" button.

  3. Enter the name of the input variable. Ensure that this name matches the name of the variable element created in the first step.

  4. Select the value that you want to pass to the other flow.

  5. Choose the type of value you are passing, such as Text, Boolean, Date, etc.

Step 3: Setting Up the Second Flow

  1. Navigate to the second flow, launched from the first flow.

  2. Create a new variable. This variable can be text or record. Ensure it has the same name as the variable in the first flow.

  3. Configure the variable to be available for input. This configuration is crucial as it allows the second flow to receive and utilize the value passed from the first flow.

  4. (Optional) To improve your screen flow, you can map the variable information to any Avonni Components. This allows you to utilize the information passed from your first flow to enhance the functionality and display of your components.


Following these steps will enable smooth data transfer between the two flows, ensuring that essential information is accessible and utilized effectively. Remember, correctly configuring variables (respecting the same name) and their accessibility settings is critical to successfully passing values between flows.

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