How to set column visibity


In this step-by-step guide, we will explore configuring a column within the Avonni Data Table component, based on particular criteria. We’ll demonstrate how you can effectively use flow variables to define these criteria, enabling a more dynamic and tailored presentation of your data within the table according to the specific conditions or requirements you set.


1️⃣ Creating your flow Variable

That will be used as a variable to show or hide a column.

As an example

Example Formula:



Create a formula to ascertain if the Industry field of an Account is 'Technology' and conditionally display a column in the Avonni Data Table based on this, allowing users to see information pertinent to Technology industry accounts only.

2️⃣ Configuring the Data Source

To populate the Avonni Table, it requires a Data Collection. You can achieve this by establishing a 'Get Records' collection.

3️⃣ Drag the columns

Once your Data Source is configured, utilize it as a Data Collection, enabling the dragging of columns, derived from this 'Get Records' collection onto the Data Table.

4️⃣ Activate the Hidden variable

  1. Open the 'Properties Panel' and go to 'Data Source selection' on the Avonni Data Table.

  2. Click on the desired column.

  3. Find the 'Hidden' attribute and click the formula icon.

  4. Select 'Mapped'.

  5. Choose your pre-created variable or formula to assign visibility. For example, if you have a variable named 'isVisible' with values true or false, select it here.

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