Performance Guide

This page offers solutions for improving the speed of the Avonni Components package in Salesforce.


Avonni Components are engineered to deliver a smooth user experience within your Salesforce org without compromising performance. We've taken several key steps to ensure our components operate efficiently, even in complex environments.

Performance Considerations

Here are some key factors to understand about the Avonni Components performance:

Optimized Design

Avonni Components are built with performance in mind. We prioritize efficient code and data handling to minimize the impact on your Salesforce org.

Many Avonni data components leverage the Avonni Query Data Source (QDS). This feature can significantly improve data loading speeds compared to the standard Salesforce Flow Builder "Get Records" functionality.

Flow Builder Dependency

Avonni Components for Flows operate within the Salesforce Flow Builder environment. As such, their performance is partly influenced by the overall Flow Builder infrastructure and the complexity of your flows.

Sandbox Environments

It's important to note that Avonni Components may run slightly slower in Salesforce sandbox environments than production orgs. This is due to differences in how Salesforce configures sandbox resources.

LWC Security and Caching

If you experience slowness with the Avonni Component Builder, ensure that Lightning Web Component (LWC) Security is enabled in your org. For instructions, refer to the Salesforce Developer Documentation. Additionally, initial load times for Avonni Components might be longer due to cache regeneration, especially if it's the first use or if the Salesforce session cache has expired (after 48 hours). This is temporary and should improve with subsequent loads.

Tips for Optimizing Performance

While Avonni Components are inherently designed for efficiency, you can take some additional steps to maximize performance:

  • Query Data Source: If you're using data components, consider using the Query Data Source whenever possible. Its optimized data retrieval can make a noticeable difference.

  • Flow Design: Keep your flows streamlined. Complex flows with numerous elements can impact overall performance.

  • Sandbox Limitations: If you're testing in a sandbox, remember that performance may be slightly slower than in a production org. Always evaluate performance in your production environment for the most accurate assessment.

  • LWS Enabled: Activating Lightning Web Security in your Salesforce org can further enhance the performance of Avonni Components.

We're Committed to Performance

Avonni is dedicated to continuous improvement. We regularly evaluate and enhance our components to ensure they remain at the forefront of performance and user experience.

Need more help? If you have any questions or concerns about Avonni Component performance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. We're here to help you get the most out of our products.

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