The Avonni Biometrics component provides a seamless and secure way to integrate device-level biometric authentication into your Salesforce Screen Flows on the Salesforce mobile app. Enhance the user experience while safeguarding sensitive data.

The Avonni Biometrics component leverages your device's security features. It's available exclusively on the Salesforce Mobile App.



Learn the basics of the Avonni Biometrics.

Configuring the component

  1. Install the Avonni Components package: Ensure the Avonni Components package is installed in your Salesforce org.

  2. Add the Avonni Biometrics component: Drag and drop the Avonni Biometrics component into your Screen Flow.

  3. Customize the button: Modify the styling to match your flow's aesthetic.

  4. Define interactions: Configure the interactions that should occur following successful biometric identification (e.g., navigating to the next screen, displaying sensitive data, etc.).

Use Cases

The Avonni Biometrics component adds an essential layer of protection for various industries and their most sensitive data. Here are a few powerful examples:

  • Financial Services: Protect client portfolio data and transaction details.

  • Sales: Secure access to deal information, competitive analysis, and pricing data.

  • Healthcare: Safeguard patient records in compliance with regulatory standards.

  • Intellectual Property: Control access to confidential product designs and research

Important Considerations

  • The Avonni Biometrics component relies on platform-specific APIs and is only functional within the Salesforce mobile app.

  • Device compatibility may vary. Ensure user devices support the required biometric authentication methods.

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