Building Engaging Card Headers


Step into the world of custom screen flows with this tutorial focused on crafting engaging card headers using the Header component. We'll walk you through customizing both the look and functionality of your headers, ensuring they are visually striking and seamlessly integrated within your screen flows. Ready to elevate your screen flow design? Let's begin!



Create the flow

Type Flow in the setup menu

  • Click on the "New Flow" button to create a new flow

  • Select "Screen Flow"

Add a Screen element

  • Drag a screen element with the following settings:

    • Enter a Screen API Name

    • Remove the Screen Header and Footer (if needed)

Add the Header Component

  • Drag the Header Component from the custom list (or type Avatar Group from the search box)

  • Enter an API Name

  • Open the Component Builder to access all the component's settings

  • Set the following settings:

    • Title: My Card Title

    • Is Joined: True

    • Pull to Boundary: True

    • Avatar:

      • fallbackIconName: standard:Opportunity

      • Size: Small

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