Refresh Query


The Refresh Query Interaction lets you automatically update the information displayed in your Avonni components after launching a flow. Here's why that's powerful:

  • Real-time updates: Say goodbye to manual refreshes! Your components will display the latest data seamlessly, creating a more responsive and intuitive user experience.

  • Time-saver: No more waiting for pages to reload; information updates happen instantly, saving users time and frustration.

  • Smoother workflows: Create dynamic flows where data changes trigger updates naturally. Everything feels connected and in sync

Exploring use cases

1. Refreshing Data Tables:

  • Scenario: Admins want to refresh the data displayed on a Data Table without reloading the entire flow.

  • Usage: An admin can add a header action button to the Data Table. Clicking this button will trigger the Refresh Query Interaction, refreshing the data in the table based on the latest query parameters and providing real-time data without manual flow restarts.

2. Enhancing User Interactions within Flows:

  • Scenario: Admins want to improve the user experience by minimizing disruptions, and manual refresh needs within a flow.

  • Usage: Utilizing Refresh Query Interactions allows for more seamless user experiences by enabling dynamic data updates and interactions within a flow without requiring full page or flow reloads, enhancing user engagement and productivity.

These use cases illustrate how admins can leverage the Refresh Query Interaction to create more dynamic, synchronized, and user-friendly flows using the Avonni Components.

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