Activate infinite scrolling


The Avonni Data Table Flow Screen Component now includes the Infinite Scrolling feature, designed to enhance user experience by allowing seamless browsing of large data sets. This feature eliminates the need for pagination, enabling users to access more data simply by scrolling down the table.

Activate infinite scrolling

The steps to activate the infinite scrolling on the Avonni Datatable component are as follows:

With Datatable full height

  1. Click on the Datatable Component

  2. Open the Component Builder

  3. Check the "Full Height" toggle

  4. Click the Done button to save and close the Component Builder

With a specific height on the Datatable

  • Click on the Datatable Component

  • Open the Component Builder

  • Go to the Style Panel

  • Set a height (i.e: 500px) in the size section

  • For the Overflow attribute, select Auto.

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