Display message based on a value


In this use case, we demonstrate using the Avonni Scoped Notification flow screen component to validate age entry in a form. Specifically, we want to notify users if they are younger than 18, as they must be over 18 to apply. The scoped notification will only be displayed automatically when the specific criteria of being under 18 years old are met, providing a seamless and efficient way to ensure valid data entry in the form.

Guided Steps

1️⃣ Create Your Screen Flow and Add Component:

Start by creating a new screen flow in Salesforce Flow Builder. Add a screen element and give it a name for easy identification later.

2️⃣ Add and Configure the Avonni Scoped Notification Component:

Search for the Avonni Scoped Notification component in the screen flow and drag it onto the canvas. Configure the component by setting its title, message, and notification type (success, error, or warning) from the Component Builder to match the desired user experience.

3️⃣ Set Component Visibility Based on Specified Conditions:

Go back to your screen flow, click on the component, and navigate to the Set Component Visibility section in the right-hand panel. Add the criteria that must be fulfilled for the notification to appear, ensuring the message is only displayed when it is relevant and meaningful.

Final Result

This use case illustrates how the Avonni Scoped Notification flow screen component can be utilized to effectively validate data entry and notify users of specific criteria, in this case, age requirements, in a user-friendly and efficient manner.

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