Copy Records


This interaction is only available when using the Avonni Data Table.

The Avonni Data Table component now incorporates a copy records interaction. This interaction empowers end-users to select and copy data from the records present in the Data Table.

This interaction also facilitates seamless data transfer to applications like Excel. You can simply paste the copied data into an Excel sheet, enabling swift and easy data analysis, sharing, or backup. This copy records interaction significantly enhances the functionality of the Avonni Data Table component, adding to its robust set of features. It offers you more flexibility and control over your data.

How it works

1️⃣ Create a header action

  • Expand the Header section, click on the "Add Actions" button.

  • Enter your button action name

  • Save your changes

2️⃣ Create the Header Action Interaction

  • Click on the Interactions pane to define the interaction when the end-users will press the previously created header action.

  • Create the Header interaction by clicking on the "Add Header Action" button.

  • Select your header action name created in the step 1.

  • Select Copy Records

  • Save your changes.

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