Adding a Background Image to Your Header


This tutorial offers clear, easy steps to add a background image to your header component, visually elevating your Header's design.



Create the screen flow

Type Flow in the setup menu

  • Click on the "New Flow" button to create a new flow

  • Select "Screen Flow"

Add a Screen Element

  • Drag a screen element with the following settings:

    • Enter a Screen API Name

    • Remove the Screen Header and Footer (if needed)

Add the Header Component

  • Drag the Header Component from the custom list (or type Avatar Group from the search box)

  • Enter an API Name

  • Open the Component Builder to access all the component's settings

  • Set the following settings:

    • Title: Header Background image

    • Background image: upload your background image here

    • Is Joined: True

    • Pull to Boundary: True

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