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Avonni Components provides a rich set of UI elements and empowers you with a no-code toolbox of interactions. These interactions transform your solutions into dynamic, responsive, and user-friendly experiences. Let's explore how to harness these interactions to enhance your Avonni-powered applications.

For example:

  • Navigate: Guide users seamlessly through your Salesforce. After successfully closing a deal, direct them to a specific Opportunity record page or link to a Knowledge Article relevant to their inquiry.

  • Open Flow Dialog: Streamline complex processes by embedding flows directly into your components. For example, launch a flow to collect additional case details from a Contact record page.

  • Fire Confetti: Celebrate milestones and achievements! Trigger a confetti animation when a user completes a learning module or reaches a sales target!

Accessing the Interactions Panel

  1. Drag an Avonni Flow Screen Component

  2. Open the Component Builder

  3. Click on the "Interactions" tab

How to create an Interaction

  • Drag an Avonni Component

  • Open the Component Builder

  • Go to the Interaction Panel

  • Click on the "Add Action" button for the desired type of action.

  • Select your Target name (ensure to have created your action first)

  • Select the action you want to create on the interaction.

Interactions can be combined. You can define multiple interactions for the same type of action. Actions will run in the order specified.

List of Interactions

  • Flow Navigation: Control the flow of your screens, seamlessly guiding users between screens based on their interactions.

  • Show Toast: Deliver informative, timely feedback to users with non-intrusive toast messages confirming actions, providing information, or issuing warnings.

  • Navigate: Create seamless transitions by linking to various pages within your Salesforce org or external websites.

Data Interaction

  • Download: Users can directly download files associated with records from Data Tables, eliminating the need for separate file repositories.

  • Export To: Empower users to export data from Data Tables into Excel or CSV formats for further analysis or sharing.

  • Update Records: Automatically save changes made, streamlining data updates.

  • Copy Records: Allow users to copy data from data table records to facilitate easy data transfer to other applications like Excel.

User Engagement & Flow Control

  • Open Alert Modal: Display important messages that demand user acknowledgment, ensuring critical information is not overlooked.

  • Open Confirm: Prevent accidental actions by requiring user confirmation before executing operations.

  • Open Flow Dialog: Simplify complex processes by launching predefined Salesforce flows within your screen flow.

  • Open Flow Panel: Slide in a panel to display another flow.

  • Fire Confetti: Celebrate user achievements or milestones with a fun and engaging confetti animation.

Data Refresh

  • Refresh Query: Instantly update data displayed in Avonni components after a flow is launched, ensuring real-time accuracy without manual refreshes.

  • Refresh All Queries: Instantly update all data pulled from a query data source in your flow.

Quick Actions

By leveraging Avonni interactions, you can transform your screen flows into powerful, dynamic tools that empower users, improve data management, and streamline processes. The combination of Avonni components and interactions allows you to create custom-like experiences without extensive coding.

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