Activity Scorecard


This tutorial requires the Avonni Flow Screen Components managed package to be installed on your Salesforce org.

The Activity Scorecard tutorial is a guide designed to help end-users keep track of their progress and monitor their activities over a specific time. The tutorial focuses on creating an activity scorecard using the Avonni Header, Metrics, and Progress Indicator components.

Key Components

The tutorial covers several Avonni Components, including the metric and progress indicator components. These components are essential in compiling and summarizing data to create a compelling and user-friendly activity scorecard.

Step-by-Step Guide

The tutorial is structured in a step-by-step format, making it easy for Salesforce Admins to follow and understand. It walks through creating an activity scorecard, providing clear instructions and tutorials.



Add Get Records element

Add Apex Action element

Here, we will use the Avonni Flow Actions SObject Collection Math for compiling data and performing calculations to feed the calculated data into the metric and progress indicator components.

For example, the progress indicator component displays progress toward the number of completed calls. By compiling and processing data using the Collection Math flow action, we can feed it into the progress indicator, providing a visual representation of progress toward that goal.

Create the Screen element

Adding the Avonni Header

Adding Avonni Metrics

Add Avonni Progress Bar Components

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